Baby Shiatsu

Baby shiatsu is a form of massage for babies in their first year of life. The treatment addresses the needs and development phases of your child.

Soft energy is used to treat the energy pathways.
Baby shiatsu is a wonderful form of treatment, it gives the baby rest and relaxation. In addition, shiatsu promotes the development of the baby and strengthens the body energy, so that the little one feels better in his or her body.

It is effective in many ailments such as abdominal cramps, the first teeth, sleep problems and it strengthens the relationship between parent and child. Your child should be wearing airy, supple clothing during a treatment.

Duration Baby Shiatsu massage: about 30 minutes.
Costs Baby Shiatsu massage: € 32,50.
Reimbursements by Health Insurers: Yes, depending on type of insurance.