To understand the healing power of Shiatsu, it is good to explain how Eastern medicine thinks about the causes of disease. Disease does not arise from one day to the next. Before we get sick, several symptoms first occur, such as fatigue, pain in certain places, insomnia and the like. The onset of a disease can be expressed on the physical, mental and emotional level. Chinese doctors see such symptoms as an indication of an unbalanced Qi flow.
By looking at man as a whole both physically and mentally as well as the living conditions we get an indication of the kind of imbalance and the treatment that is needed.

What is Qi
Qi is the “life force” or energy that we depend on as living beings. This life energy determines whether or not we are healthy. Oriental medicine aims to keep this energy optimal or to restore the energy level. This achieves healing and good health.
In our bodies there is a network of energy channels called meridians. Meridians can be seen as rivers running over the body surface and through the organs through which qi flows. On the meridians there are 365 accupuncture points where the qi current can be manipulated to restore balance.

Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” and is characterized by great simplicity. Shiatsu uses thumbs, hands, elbows, feet and knees to use the natural body weight to exert gradual, long-term static pressure on meridians and acupoints on the body. As a result, the natural, internal energy flow in the body is influenced with the aim of removing blockages so that Qi will start flowing again, and the balance in the body can be restored, causing complaints to greatly reduce and / or disappear. In addition to meridian treatment by finger pressure, Shiatsu also offers options to eliminate blockages present through stretching, friction and mobilization of joints in the body.

Why Shiatsu:
• Shiatsu is always a pleasant experience, you do not have to have specific complaints.
• It strengthens your basic condition, vitalises, relaxes, calms and improves body awareness.
• Shiatsu treatment is relaxing and has a positive influence on your energy system.
• Your resistance is strengthened and the self-healing ability is stimulated. As a result, a shiatsu treatment also works preventively.
• Through the treatment body, mind and emotion are balanced.
• Experience has shown that this yields a long-term, stable result and not just a brief, immediate relief.

Shiatsu therapy is recommended for various physical complaints such as:
• susceptibility to flu and colds
• general fatigue,
• tension and stress, sleeplessness, headache, migraine, etc.

Shiatsu can also provide relief or healing in chronic conditions:
• muscle and joint complaints
• stiffness in the neck and shoulders
• digestive problems
• menstruation, pregnancy and menopausal symptoms
• skin problems

Shiatsu has a balancing effect in complaints of an emotional nature:
• depression
• fears
• burn-out
• restlessness
• hyperventilation

Shiatsu can help children to support their development and specific complaints such as:
• asthma
• anxiety attacks
• adhd
• puberty

How is shiatsu given and how does it work:
The treatment is done on a futon, a mat. This allows me to easily move around the body. Shiatsu is given through the clothing so do not wear too thick but loose-fitting cotton clothes.
To make a diagnosis during the intake interview, the nature of the complaints is discussed, questions are asked, research is done by touching reflex zones on the abdomen and back, tongue diagnosis, examination of the mobility of joints and certain accupuncture points. On the basis of the diagnosis made, I treat certain parts of the body by means of various shiatsu techniques.

Duration and number of treatments required:
On average, the treatment takes 1 to one and a half hours.
The number of treatments depends on the nature of your complaints, your age and your general condition.
Acute complaints often require fewer treatments than chronic and emotional complaints.

Duration of the Zen Shiatsu treatment: Approximately 60 minutes.
Cost of a Zen Shiatsu treatment: € 65, –
Reimbursements by Health Insurers: Yes, depending on type of insurance.