Chair Massage

The massage is based on the traditional Japanese Shiatsu (pressure point massage), in which the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands are massaged. Chair massage takes place on an ergonomically developed chair and is given over the clothing. This makes participation very easy, easy to plan and accessible to almost everyone.

The advantages of chair massage:
• It provides relaxation and new energy in a short time.
• Works preventive against stress and alleviates symptoms, such as RSI, fatigue and headaches.
• Ensures a better energy balance and blood flow, so that waste products are removed and the concentration increases.
• People become more aware of the physical condition, so that overload can be tackled early.
• Reduction of absenteeism and increased productivity. (Employees who feel well perform better)
• Healthy pat on the back. Employees appreciate that the employer shows interest in their health and well-being.

The benefits are great, the time investment is minimal and a Shiatsu chair massage guarantees new energy, relaxation and rest.

Duration of the Chair massage:
Optionally about 20 or about 30 minutes.
Costs Chair massage:
€ 22,50 (20 min) or € 32,50  (30 min).
Reimbursements by Health Insurers: No.

For companies:
Chair massages can be done once, on a temporary or on a fixed basis and are part of the health policy for companies. I therefore gladly come to your business location to provide your employees with new energy.

For companies: Costs and duration in consultation.