Guasha is a Chinese scrape therapy to detox. It literally means ‘scraping the disease out of the body‘.
‘Gua’ = scraping and ‘sha’ = the stagnating energy that translates somewhere in the body as a complaint or illness.

The spectacular detox results of Guasha are achieved by the simultaneous effects on the skin, the connective tissue, the lymphatic system, the meridians, the muscles, the blood vessels, the nervous system, the brain, the immune system and accordingly corresponding functions, systems and organs of the whole body. Do you have headaches? RSI complaints? Painful neck, back or shoulders? Then Guasha is definitely something for you to try.

What does this detox method do?
Guasha works on the meridians (that are energy channels in the body that are connected to organs and their functions) and the reflex zones.

Because serum and red blood cells from the capillaries end up in the soft connective tissue via the detox scraping technique, they cause an immune reaction there, resulting in the detoxification mechanism being stimulated in the body.

Duration Guasha treatment: Between 45-60 minutes.
Cost of Guasha treatment: € 50,- per treatment.
Reimbursements by Health Insurers: No.