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Read below how customers experienced their treatment at ZENkracht.

Every time I notice that I am getting closer to myself. As if there is more balance in my body and head. Took me one step further towards myself. Thank you for your super positive energy. Feel completely safe with you. Love and a big hug.

Belinda Roberts

ZENkracht (Zen Power) is exactly the right description! Because of Marika’s shiatsu massage I feel intense peace entering. I also feel fully empowered again and I notice this in my (especially psychological) functioning in the following days! Everything ‘starts flowing’ again. Very special that this relaxing treatment has this effect on me. In addition, Marika is simply a very nice, warm and trustworthy personality!

Peggy Reebeen

The name ‘ZENkracht’ actually says enough. If you want to become ‘Zen’ for a while, but want to be back in your own strength after the treatment, you are at the right address in this practice for naturopathy.
In a beautiful treatment room Marika, with a lot of dedication and passion, ensures that you completely relax

Meriam van der Wal

After my first treatment I immediately felt more in my own strength and a deeper contact with my own self. Marika is a beautiful person, inside and out with golden hands, definitely recommended!

Jolanda Heldens


Shiatsu is a Japanese pressure point massage, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and literally means “finger pressure”. Zen shiatsu brings us more balance and the overall resistance and vitality will increase.

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ZENkracht is located in Puth in the Netherlands. There is plenty of free parking space.

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About Zenkracht

Welcome to ZENkracht, practice for Zen Shiatsu treatments and inner balance. My name is Marika van Lier. I am a certified Zen shiatsu therapist and am a member of the professional association VBAG (Dutch Association for the Promotion of Alternative Medicine).

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